EMSI 2018 Photomicrography Contest

Registered delegates are invited to participate in the Photomicrography Contest by submitting entries in the following classes / categories:

  1. Scanning Electron Microscopy
  2. Transmission Electron Microscopy
  3. Scanning Probe Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy and allied technique

To participate in the contest, the following points may please be noted:

  1. The micrographs may be in colour or in grey scale
  2. Selection of the best micrographs will be decided on the basis of
    • Technical content
    • Aesthetics (visual appeal)
    • Expertise of the technique
  3. The contestants are advised to carefully choose and specify the category of the entry, which will be unique and final. No re-classification will be carried out by the Judges.
  4. Registration for Photomicrography Contest should be done by sending an e-mail to micrography.contest.emsi2018@gmail.com with your name, affiliation, email address and categories (1), (2) and (3)before 16th July 2018. No onsite registration is accepted. You will be given an entry number
  5. The contestants shall carry and display hardcopies of their Photomicrography Contest entries at the Conference venue on the first day of the Conference.
  6. All entries must meet these requirements:
    • No more than four entries per individual will be accepted
    • No more than two entries per individual are allowed in any category
    • The minimum acceptable dimensions are 10" × 8" or 25cm × 20cm and the maximum acceptable dimensions are 36" × 24" or 90cm × 60cm;
    • Posters should be either laminated or mounted on a sturdy lightweight backing
    • Only one photomicrograph should be presented on a single poster as one entry. Multiple posters for one entry are not acceptable.
    • Entries must carry on the face of the poster:
      (a) classification of entry (Class 1-3);
      (b) material(s) or alloy;
      (c) etchant (if any);
      (d) magnification;
      (e) explanation and any unusual technical or structural features and
      (f) brief description of the technique used.
    • The name, company/university affiliation, postal address, phone number, and email of the contestant must be typewritten and placed on the back of the mount. Name or affiliation on the front face of the poster would disqualify the entry. The Photomicrography committee will affix a number label on the face of the entry for judging.
    • Two prizes will be awarded in each Category. In case, of insufficient entries in any category, and if a Prize could not be awarded, but still found eligible, a certificate will be awarded.
    • EMSI has their permission to use the images of the Winners and runners of the different categories on its website and any other promotional materials while the copyright of the image resides with the participant. The winners and runners will be asked to submit a soft copy of their entry to be displayed on http://emsi.org.in/emsi2018/