General Secretary's Message  

"We are committed to take forward the society's baton to all corners of the nation and beyond"

Hello, EMSI members and other visitors of this page.

As you know or have found out already, this society is more than 5 decades old! It's stood the test of time under the able leadership of stalwarts from the Indian Electron Microscopy community, that spans across the realm of materials-scientists as well as life-scientists. We hope to continue the good work of our predecessors until the end of our tenure in 2017. It is our endeavor to have an active program in educating and encouraging young researchers to take up microscopy as their profession. While it may not be possible for every aspirant across the length and breadth of the country to have an expensive electron microscope in their laboratory, we believe that our extensive interaction programs will help them to find collaborators easily. We are also planning to have hands-on training programs for the beginners. We have also decided to open up the society to non-electron microscopists, such as the confocal microscopists as their spatial resolutions are fast converging onto electron microscopes.

So, I welcome you all to come aboard and contribute to the society. Please feel free to express your opinions and ideas for the betterment of the society. I can assure you that all good ideas will be debated and discussed by the executive committee members.

I hereby encourage you to become members of the society, if you are not yet one.

Finally I wish to reiterate that, only wide scale participation of individuals across the nation can help us in achieving our dream of spreading our network to every nook and corner of the nation and beyond.

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